A Simple Way To lose Fat

A very easy way to lose fat is to start doing one simple thing that doesn’t require any money or time.

Or should I have said – STOP doing one simple thing that you probably do every day – drinking a part of your daily calories.

You probably know that to lose fat you need to reduce your total calorie intake, this is simple math.The problem is that people find it hard to restrict the quantity of food they eat. So another option to reduce calories and lose some fat is to restrict the calories you drink.By not drinking anything high in calories, you can get ALMOST the same effect as a reduced-calorie diet.

It is much easier to consume more calories drinking than eating.Just a can of soda has around 165 calories or that’s the same as three apples or 100 g of steak.What’s easier to consume? Just as an example, here are calories in soft drinks (almost all of these calories come from sugar):

8 oz. cup of soda  =  95-115 calories
12 oz. can of soda  =  140-165 calories
20 oz. bottle of soda  =  250-275 calories
1 liter bottle of soda  =  400-500 calories
2 liter bottle of soda  =  800-1000 calories

What are the drinks you should cut/avoid ?

Basically all the drinks that contain high amounts of sugar.And that leaves you only with coffee (black), tea and plain water.

Here is a list of drinks you should cut from your menu:

– Soda and soft drinks – full of sugar and other chemicals that do only harm to your body.

– Fruit juice – unless you make your own juice from pressed fruits, fruit juice is not the same as eating fruit.There are high quantities of sugar added and no fiber.

– Sport and energy drinks – loaded with sugar, some amount of caffeine and taurine.You’ll probably feel like you have more energy because of the high caffeine content but you also consume 150-160 calories from sugar from just 250ml of energy drink.

– Flavored milk – drink regular milk instead.

– Alcohol – Keep it to a minimum.

Most people will drop a few lbs just by cutting liquid calories and replacing them with plain water or tea.Drinking less can save you some money and make you healthier at the same time.

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