Top 7 Bodybuilding Cooking Tips



Using marinate is a fantastic for making your meat taste great. It also keeps it from drying. However, marinating the meat is a lengthy process which requires advance planning. It takes from 12 hours up to two days to marinate your food. However, the marinating process can be significantly sped up by simple vacuum sealing of the meat.

Removing the air from the container forces marinate to penetrate the meat, as opposed to gradually absorb it. Give it a try. It can help you when you have to cook lot of meat in a hurry. You can either by pre-made marinades in a supermarket, or create own suitable for your taste. If you opt for the latter, olive oil is essential. Mix it with vinegar or wine, some juices like citrus, pineapple or papaya juice, and herbs.


Steaming the vegetables is not the only way to cook them. You can also grill or roast them. A simple combination of olive oil, salt, herbs and pepper applied before roasting can make wanders for the flavor of your broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, squash, asparagus, or whichever vegetable you choose.
The key is in the high temperature. So, preheat your oven or grill properly before starting to roast or grill them. This helps the flavor to sear into the vegetables. Before grilling, cut the vegetables into smaller pieces, but make sure that they are large enough not to fall through the grates. For roasting vegetables in oven, it is essential to also preheat the pan as well as the oven.



Fresh citrus juice is great for boosting the taste of any dish. It has no adverse effect like salt, which causes your body to retain water. As a plus, you are not just adding flavor, you are also utilizing the vitamin C and other nutrients which make citrus the great protector of your health.
Citrus, obviously, works the best as salad dressing, and can be also used in marinades, or for seasoning seafood. You can also use the citrus zest instead of the juice. This will add a more subtle flavor, add a hint of citrus instead of the distinct taste you get from using the juice.



When creating your nutrition, be aware that the best way to get the nutrients is primarily from real food. Supplements should be used only for filling the gaps. Although the protein shakes of today are advanced, they are a far cry from tasty and wholesome food. In terms of nutrition quality, the protein shake just doesn’t compare with real balanced whole food. That being said, there is still a way to upgrade the shakes, making them packed with nutrients and tasting just as good as solid food dish.
First, choose your protein powder. Consider using whey protein, because it digests easy. For flavor, you can choose chocolate or vanilla. The next step is mixing the liquids, which can include coconut water, herbal tea, almond milk, hemp milk or other milk alternatives, which change the taste without adding calories. If you want to further upgrade your protein shake, making it a true meal substitute. Add in some berries, banana and butter, and blend them thoroughly.

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