Low Carb or Low Fat Diet – Which One Is Better?

Can you choose the winner? In the race of losing fat, the two contestants are low carb diet and low fat diet. But which one is the best for you? Which one has the best results?


We tried to analyze several studies done on this particular subject, the time frame needed to lose weight, health implications on restricting yourself with low carb or low fat diets, where although with similar effects on the slimming down side, they have different effects on the general health.

First and foremost we need to explain that there are numerous low carb diets that can be used for weight loss, but the Atkins and the South Beach are the most famous. The basis of these diets come from limited intake of carbs and supplementing them with proteins and fats.

The popularity of these diets for sure comes out from the dramatic results they bring, whereby upon small time frame you can lose a lot of weight without additional exercising. Not many changes are needed either, just cut of bread and past and increase the meat. The general misconception of low carb diets is that they contain a high amount of fat and this will increase the level of cholesterol, but this is not true.

On the other side are the low fat diets which focus on reducing the amount of fat the body intakes on daily basis. Your choices of food will be vegetables, fruits and other nutrients everything that has low fat percentage in them. The foods consumed should have low amount of glucose, meaning you will be able to lose weight and have a normal blood sugar. Also, most importantly this type of diet allows you to eat huge quantities of food, so you won’t be hungry all day.

So which diet is better? Or maybe the question we should ask is: What should you cut carbs or fats? If you aim to lose weight your answer should be carbs! Reducing carb intake has better effects in losing weight that filling yourself with fatty foods.

The limitation of carbs should be at 40 grams per day (or 4 slices of bread), and don’t forget to carefully choose the carbs you are eating.

“If most of your carbohydrates are coming from whole vegetables and whole fruits rather than white rice, potatoes, refined grains, and beverages, then improved cardiovascular health and even weight loss is likely to follow.” – According to, Lydia A. Bazzano, M.D., Ph.D., a professor and nutrition researcher at Tulane University.

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