9 Nutrition Myths That Need To Be Dispelled Once And For All


6. Vitamins give you more energy

Vitamins are essential micronutrients your body cannot do without. They play very important roles within the body and the allow the creation of compounds called enzymes which are involved in the metabolism of energy, however, they don’t give energy to the body in a direct manner. Foods that contain calories and have macronutrients in them like proteins, fat, and carbs, on the other hand, provide energy to the body.

7. Diets with low carb intake are unhealthy and dangerous

The list of myths ascribed to this diet are that it might harm the bones, damage the kidneys or it can be bad for the brain and it goes on and on. Science has disproven these claims times and times again. If you are following a low-carb diet properly it is totally safe and can even help you in improving body composition and develop a more efficient metabolism.

8. Salt consumption increases blood pressure

Research have shown that there was no correlation between consuming salt and the appearance of hypertension which is a condition marked by having high blood pressure. On the other hand, accumulating evidence points to a bigger correlation between a lack of physical exercise and high body fat, measured by the body-mass-index, and high blood pressure.


9. Regular sugar is worse than healthy sweeteners

Your body doesn’t know the difference between evaporated cane sugar, agave, high-fructose corn syrup or ordinary sugar. Once you ingest them all of these types get converted into glucose in your bloodstream or sometimes fructose which is then processed in your liver. The end result is always the same, which is any extra calorie you consumed from sweeteners will be deposited as fat tissue.

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