2 Huge Reasons to Focus on Fiber For A Dietary Boost

This prolonged fuel helps you maintain a stable level of energy throughout the day, which is way more effective for your daily functioning than fast-collapsing energy peaks. Another benefit of the slow break down of carbs is that it makes the body store more of the carbohydrates as muscle glycogen rather than body fat.

And in people with diabetes, fiber can help improve blood sugar levels because of the slower absorption of sugar, so a healthy diet containing both types of fiber may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Fiber also reduces the amount of free cholesterol in the blood – this, together with its ability to decrease the intake of calories, makes it a great natural way to enhance your body fat loss.

But there’s more – fiber actually binds with some of the dietary fat you consume and takes it out of the body, so including some fiber in your high-calorie meals will help you fight off the excess fat you’ve consumed.

2. Insulin sensitivity

Insulin is the crucial hormone that both drives the consumed carbohydrates and consumed proteins into the muscles, providing faster recovery and enhanced growth. But this beneficial effect depends on your level of insulin sensitivity. It goes like this: the muscles have their own receptors for insulin, and the better they’re tuned, the more insulin will be provided to move carbs and proteins into the muscles.

And here comes another significant role of fibers – soluble fibers improve insulin sensitivity by enhancing the functioning of insulin receptors. This makes  fibers an important part of your diet plan if you’re serious about building the ideal lean, ripped body.

In addition, some high-fiber veggies like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower contain compounds named indoles – these help lower the levels of estrogen in males and therefore lead to less water retention and slightly greater levels of testosterone. Not bad, right?
But if you’re wondering what is the best time to consume fibers – well, any except the post training meal. The post training meal has to provide you with a fast absorption of carbs to stimulate recovery and growth, so you really won’t benefit from a slower carb digestion.

But that doesn’t mean you should stay away from high-fiber fruits and veggies in your other meals – you should increase them significantly to enhance the effects of your bodybuilding diet and reap some other great health benefits, too.


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