The No Carb Diet

The no carb weight loss program can be described as a very intense version of low carb diets. The best example is the Atkins diet. It is used as a fast solution for dropping body fat and also as a therapy for those with epilepsy. Like the name says, this diet consists mainly of protein and fats and almost no carbs, which means eating only meat, eggs cheese and fish. Note that you always should consult with your physician before trying this diet, mainly because of its questionable side effects on the body and mind.

A keto (or ketogenic) diet is an alternative name for the no carb diet program. It has got its name from the process of turning the body fat in ketones (used as fuel) when all the glycogen is depleted from the body. Often, as I mentioned, the no carb diet is prescribed for people with epilepsy as a control measure for seizures or when the person has a low response to medications. However, there are minimal quantities of carbs involved when this diet is used as an epilepsy treatment.

Because the process of ketosis uses body fat as fuel, one particular group of athletes – the bodybuilders, use this diet as a tool for dropping fat and water, and retaining muscle mass during the cutting phase of their pre-contest preparation.

What do you eat during the no carb diet ?

Usually the foods used in this weight loss program are high in protein and fats and very low in carbohydrates. The base of the diet could be pork meat and eggs, or alternatively meats such as beef and lamb can be used. Also, any type of fish are appropriate (and probably more healthy than the pork) including tuna, salmon and herring. If you want to use meats like poultry that have lower fat percentage, that’s ok, but you’ll need to take some oils like fish oil or flax seed oil to fulfill daily¬† caloric needs.

The downside

The no carb diet, particularly the one where you eat no eggs, pork meat and cheeses, can be incredibly restricting. A person will need to flavor his food with just plant oil, small amounts of dried spices and salt. Everything else that contains carbs like greens, dairy, fresh fruits, legumes, soy products, nuts and seeds are not on the menu. Your normal daily menu can be made of a steak for breakfast, chicken breast for lunch and fish for dinner.

Side effects

A longer periods of time on no-carb diet can put a stress on your kidneys and liver and also result in headaches, nausea, fatigue and bad breath as the body changes its fuel from carbs to fats. However this diet is not intended to be a long term weight loss plan and is used for fast weight drop.

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