Four Strategies To Get A Six Pack

There are many articles on how to get six pack abs out there. The truth is there is no magic pill or a routine that will instantly give you six pack abs. Only hard work and dedication will take you there. Here are the basic strategies to follow on your way to a perfect six pack.

1.Diet is the key

Lots of trainees still believe that doing sit-ups or crunches will get them a six pack – WRONG.A well balanced diet is the key for ripped abs.Eat too much and you gain weight quickly, eat too little and you’ll lose muscle mass.The key is to slowly reduce calories and experiment.Try to eat 300-500 calories less than you burn in a day.For an example if your maintenance calories are 2500 and you burn another 500 during your workout, that makes a caloric expenditure of 3000 calories a day.Eating around 2500-2700 calories a day is a good start in your fat loss journey.


You can do two types of cardio sessions.The first one is HIIT cardio and the second one is low intensity cardio.

Low intensity cardio is most effective when it’s done in the morning on an empty stomach or right after a weightlifting workout when the levels of glycogen in the body are low.This forces the body to burn stored fat as fuel for your cardio session.

HIIT cardio is an intense form of cardio and should be treated the same as a weightlifting session.It usually lasts around 20 minutes and during that time you do a warm-up, a few intense sets of cardio , and a cool-down.Production of HGH is stimulated during this form of cardio.

3.Training with weights

High reps and “pump” sets do not tone your body, they build endurance.Pumping and doing 15+ sets for a bodypart will not make you ripped or build muscle.Using compound exercises like bench press,military press,squat and deadlift combined with heavy weights is a key to losing body fat and gaining muscle.

4.Ab training with weights

Your abs are muscles just like every other muscle group.They grow when worked with weights and also need time to recover.Don’t work them more than 2-3 times a week if you want results.

Everybody has a different body. Someone will build muscle and lose fat easier than others. Someone will incorporate just one of the strategies with good results and someone will have to use all of the strategies to get a six pack. The main thing to remember is to be consistent and don’t give up.

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