The Landmine Press Complete Guide

Imagine having an impeccable stamina, perfect body mechanics and being able to do overhead pressing without any pain and with exquisite shape. Still, not everyone is an athlete out there in the real world. If you are trapped in the 9 to 5 grind you may face problems with inflexibility, so keeping the shoulders in the right position while you press can be a bit tough. Incorrect performance can increase the tension on your rotator cuffs and even cause an injury.

So maybe it is time to try the landmine press. Landmines provide a variety of exercises, which can boost your conditioning and build your strength, especially if you are still an amateur in weight lifting. The reason for that is that landmines are a bridge between weightless versions of complex exercises such as the the squat and shoulder press, and the full loaded-barbell versions of the same complex exercises.

What is a landmine press ?

Landmine exercises include pressing, lifting and squatting one end of an angled barbell, and are a great enhancement to any workout routine. This type of exercise allows you to decrease the stress whilst still being able to increase your muscular size, by approaching the bar from a different angle.

Depending on the gym, you may find specially adjusted landmines. They are devices that you can insert one side of the barbell in, so you can do landmine exercises. However, you can always work out with one end of the barbell pushed into a corner if the gym has no landmine device.

The landmine press is a unique muscle-building exercise. It covers nearly all of your upper body and it is a great way to work your shoulders, chest, and triceps. Besides, landmine presses are considered relatively easier to do than the vertical presses because of the neutral grip and the curved path of the barbell.

There are dozens of ways to do this exercise since there is no particular standard set for it. Your trainer may ask you to do the landmine press differently than described here but that does not mean that you are doing it wrong. It really depends on the way you approach doing the press whether it is kneeling or standing and holding the bar with either one or two hands. 

How to do the landmine press

In this article, you will find an explanation of how to do two standard forms of standing landmine presses, as well as some variations of the landmine press. 

Two-handed press

If you are doing the two-handed landmine press, firstly, you need to ensure that the barbell is pushed in a corner or wedged in a landmine device. With one end of the barbell secured, you need to hold the weighted (the other ) end of the barbell with both hands right in front of your chest. Your feet should be positioned shoulder-width apart. Then press the weight up with both of your hands till your arms are fully stretched, and at that point start to lower the barbell slowly.

Single handed press

If you want to do a landmine press with one arm, it is best to be in a split stance position, with the opposite leg to the arm you are lifting with, stepping forward. Grab and press the weight up with a single-arm, but still, keep it in line with your shoulder instead of moving towards the middle part of your body. Landmine press with one arm works the shoulders more than the two-handed presses, that put the focus more on the chest.


Kneeling landmine press

kneeling landmine press

Your height plays a big role in terms of movement of the bar while doing the press. This is because the length of the barbell doesn’t diversify as much as humans do in height. This means that if you are taller, the motion turns into more flat or incline press than the vertical press. If you want to do a vertical lift, you will need to kneel on your knees.

Landmine shoulder-to-shoulder press

In this exercise, you need to hold the barbell with both of your hands by one shoulder, with your feet level and shoulder-width apart, push the weight up and then lower it down to the opposite shoulder. This movement works your core as well as your chest/shoulders. The core works harder as it is used to stabilize the upper body while performing the exercise.

Rotational single arm press

landmine press rotation

In this exercise, you should start the landmine press in a single-arm position, in a split stance with one leg forward. Your weight should be over your back leg at the beginning of the exercise. Press up, turn your body and lift your back heel so your weight transfers forwards towards your front foot. As you lower the weight start turning back down. This version activates your legs more more and you build strength over the entire body.

Landmine squat to press

landmine squat to press

In this variation, you can make a combination with two key moves. You need to take the end of the bar in both of your hands and squat till your thighs reach a parallel level with the floor. At this point, you need to stand up and press the bar overhead in one movement. The forward edge on the press reduces shoulder pressure, and you don’t need to bother with having a bar on your back.

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