The Battle of the Titans – Bodybuilding VS Weightlifting

Bodybuilding is all about building a muscular and aesthetic physique. Many bodybuilders make a mistake of testing their strength and how much they can lift, when the goal of bodybuilding is to use the weight to sculpt the body. This is not to say that bodybuilders are not strong, but their goal is not to show how much they can lift on certain exercises.

Each type of exercise has a different effect on the body, and you should know what exactly you are aiming for, in order to choose accordingly. Weightlifters do incorporate a lot of basic bodybuilding exercises into their routines, but their primary method of training is to push/pull the heaviest loads possible using triples ( 3 repetitions), doubles (2 repetitions) and singles (one repetition).

By using this technique of low repetitions a maximum potential of strength can be reached, but the type of a body that will be built using purely strength training will be different from a bodybuilder’s one.

Bodybuilders usually strive to get a proportional and well shaped physique. They achieve these results by using moderate to heavy weights in their routines, as well as larger number of sets and repetitions to pump their muscles with blood. The higher number of reps/sets are combined with a program that targets all major muscle groups.


Using the power of heavy weights

When we are talking about building an impressive physique, there is one thing that goes in favor of weightlifting, which bodybuilding doesn’t provide, and that is the density that can only be acquired through training with heavy weights.

So a great way to develop a strong and well-shaped muscle is to combine some powerlifting moves and finish the muscle with bodybuilding exercises. Adding these heavy lifts 2-3 times a week is a sure way to add some density to the muscles.

Take the legs for example. After the proper warm up sets, you can work the legs with squats. You can increase the weight on the bar and do a few sets of triples, doubles and even singles with a spotter. “Finish” the legs with higher reps and lower weight (of course, use an appropriate exercise for this goal).


This type of training takes a toll on your body, so it is important to let the bodypart you trained recuperate adequately. Don’t do the same type of heavy workout for the bodypart you just worked for a few days after the current workout.

How to add heavy days to your routine

• Start by choosing your target body part and a compound exercise, which you will do with heavy weights (3-4 sets of 1 to 5 reps) for one workout. Always have a spotter near by.
• Don’t forget to do your warm ups, then start of lightly before your push yourself into heavy mode over the course of 3-4 sets.
• Do 2-3 more exercises for the targeted area with higher reps and moderate weights.
• Rest your targeted area for a week
• Monitor and write down your weights and the amount you lift. We have already mentioned that is not about how much you lift, but lifting bigger loads as a result of your body muscles getting bigger and stronger.

These heavy lifts will build bigger and denser muscles over time, getting you closer to that perfect physique.

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