3 HIIT Workouts You Can Do At The Gym

There are numerous articles on the subject of HIIT training, and we can freely say that the concept of HIIT has been widely accepted as one of the best training methods for those who want to get in shape and lose body fat while maintaining their muscle mass at the same time.

The variety of resources on performing Interval Training is so big that the workouts are practically inexhaustible and dependent only on the creativeness and the experience of the workout creator.

HIIT itself is so intense and demanding that we could at least choose the type of workout we like the most. For example if you are not a fan of running, you can choose something else and leave running aside. If you are a fan of sprints, then a better option would be to run on a hard surface than to use the treadmill.

In this article we’ll skip running and concentrate on other variants you can use indoors and inside your gym.

HIIT Workout #1

If your gym has a rowing machine, then you already have an exceptional tool that you can use for an unforgettable HIIT session. Just think about it, during the rowing movement, your whole body is in motion, with your back, traps, rear delts and biceps doing most of the work. The metabolic effect doesn’t even need to be mentioned.

Workout example

Warm up – 5 min
High Intensity Sets – 8 (30 seconds each)
Low Intensity Sets – 8 (90 seconds each)
Cool Down – 5 min

Progression can be regulated by increasing the resistance of the machine or cutting down the low intensity set time to 60 seconds.

HIIT Workout #2

A HIIT workout can have a little more complex form, and yet keep its minimalist approach.  The next workout is a combination of weightlifting and cardio. Of course, it has nothing to do with the old boring cardio exercise.

First, choose one exercise for the upper body, then one exercise for the lower body. The third exercise will be a core exercise and the fourth and last stop will be a cardio machine. We can use weights, or our own body weight, so anyone can individualize and adjust the intensity for their current needs and physical shape.

Workout example

1. Standing Shoulder press – performed for 30 seconds
– 15 seconds of rest
2. Squats – performed for 30 seconds
-15 seconds of rest
3. Crunches/plank/battling ropes – performed for 30 seconds
4. Cardio for 90 seconds (jogging,stationary bicycle, rowing machine etc…)
– 60 seconds of rest

This is one cycle. Try doing 3-4 of these cycles. If after 1 min of rest you are still struggling to get air, this is a sign that you need to reduce your intensity.

HIIT Workout #3

This third variation uses two exercises. The first exercise is walking with a load (farmers walks) and the second one is push ups. For the walk we can use any kind of weight: dumbbells, kettlebells , plates or any kind of weight with a handle.

Workout example

1. 20 meter walk with a load
2. 15 push-ups done without any rest

After this cycle, rest for 30 seconds and repeat the cycle five more times. You can increase the intensity by increasing the number of cycles or cut the rest periods.

The key to success in HIIT lies in the continuous effort of the body to adapt to the challenges placed upon it, but in which it never succeeds.

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