HIIT Training for Weight Loss

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.This training routine is characterized by short periods of maximum effort followed by periods of active recovery (like sprinting for 30-40 seconds and then walking for 1-2 minutes).

The HIIT routine is relatively short, but is quite challenging and because it involves changing the intensity throughout the workout, it burns a lot of calories.It can be done using any type of cardio workout like sprints, elliptical, biking, etc.

A typical HIIT training workout would last about 25 minutes and would look like:

-5 minutes of warm up
-40 second sprint followed by 1 minute of jogging (4 to 6 sets depending on your conditioning level)
-10 minutes cool down

The Benefits of HIIT Training

-Because of its structure, HIIT improves cardiovascular endurance, making workouts a lot shorter than traditional cardio workouts and at the same time – more effective. -During the short periods of maximal effort,fatty acids are released into the blood stream. Also HGH  (Human Growth Hormone) – known to preserve muscle and burn fat is increased during the workout.

-HIIT workout can elevate your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) for up to twenty-four hours after your session is complete. This means that you are burning more calories when you’re sitting, watching TV or doing other everyday activities that require little to no effort.

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