The Benefits of HIIT Training

Do we have enough time in the day to finish all of the tasks we have? Our daily lives are made of constant and sometimes impossible to-do list with tasks that we simply can`t find the time to expedite them all. Starting with our professional engagements, our family life, kids and pets, we are under constant pressure to survive. And we do feel like drowning on occasions.

In this scenario we struggle each day to find a free-spot-time for some exercising. Sometimes it’s there and on many occasions is not.
Therefore, we need a smart and time saving approach to incorporate daily exercising routines that will not destroy our free time.

According to study done at the University of Birmingham, high-intensity interval training or HIIT can be the solution for your problems in the exercising department. It’s not time-consuming but given the intense spike needed to accomplish it`s designed workout framework, the results will be equally rewarding as a moderate intense workout session.

What are the basic principles of HIIT?

The above mentioned study regarding the health benefits provided by HIIT was analyzing 16 young sedentary males with an average age of 21 in a comparison of the effects they presented in both of endurance training and sprint interval training. Half of the analyzed subjects performed six weeks of endurance training, and the rest were focused on high-intensity interval training.

The results were shocking, whereas the two forms of exercising (five hours of endurance training and just 90 minutes of HIIT) had the same results in reduction of aortic stiffness and the levels of insulin in the body. The results are stating that both types of workout, HIIT and endurance training were equally effective at implementing lower risks from heart related diseases, high blood sugar and preventable diabetes.

Is the study accurate?

Yes it is. The study performed by the University of Birmingham was just one more study done on this particular subject, whereas the same results were concluded and those are that adults and kids have numerous benefits in the health department from HIIT and same effects as endurance training workouts. HIIT even presented better results in the area of skeletal muscle oxidative capacity which increases the levels of performance in exercising. Those benefits can be achieved even with low-volume high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves 15- to 60-second bursts of high-intensity cycling interspersed with two to four minute intervals of low-intensity cycling.

The odds of consistency are far greater when it comes to HIIT that endurance training, meaning you’ll more likely to stick to the HIIT program than to the endurance workout program. The main reason for the motivational factor within HIIT is due to the less time you need to exercise. Additionally, science recommends HIIT for all ages and different levels of fitness preparation.

On the other hand, we are not claiming that long-distance runners should give up from longer runs. For marathoners and other endurance practitioners, endurance training is still the best option when preparing for a race. Additionally, have in mind that intense sprint-based exercises can deplete the body’s energy stores, especially lowering glycogen levels, therefore its highly recommended to mix up both routines in order to provide your body proper energy levels.

Furthermore, regardless of the benefits provided from both types of workouts, the most important thing is your own preference. As long as you enjoy your workout program, the chances for you to stay consistent at it are far greater. So if you are one of those that enjoy 45-minute treadmill workout, by all means you should stick at your routine. But as soon as you find yourself faced with a busy day, know that HIIT is there to help you.  Read how to get the max out of HIIT training.

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