A 5 Week Program To Build Massive Wheels



As you know, nutrition is a big part of building muscle, so it must be addressed for optimal results. This program must be done in a caloric surplus. Muscle isn’t built out of thin air. If you don’t know how many calories to eat to gain weight, here’s a guideline:

(11.5 x bodyweight in lbs x ((100 – estimated bodyfat ) / 100) x 1.5 (+ 300-1000))

This may sound complex, but it isn’t. I will guide you step by step:

1)      100 minus your estimated body fat

2)      Divide by 100.

3)      Now you multiply that number by 11.5

4)      Multiply again by your bodyweight in lbs.

5)      Multiply again by 1.5.

6)      After that, you add a number between 300 and 1000. If you feel you have a slow metabolism and you gain weight easily, aim for the lower end, if you feel you have a fast metabolism and you have a hard time gaining weight, aim for the higher end.

The final number will be the calories you should aim to consume on this program. The calories that are given might sound too high for you, but remember that you will be training 5 times per week, and with relatively high volume.

However, like I said, this is just a guideline to get you started. Regardless of that number, you should be gaining roughly 0.5lbs to 1lb per week. If you’re gaining less than that, it means you’re not eating enough calories, and if you’re gaining way more than that, you’re probably eating too much. Adjust accordingly.

Regarding protein intake, I recommend 1 – 1.5 g per lb  of Lean Body Mass.

You can also use the calculator linked previously to figure out your protein intake.

Eat everything in moderation, have plenty of vegetables and fruits every day, and that’s it. Don’t overthink it. Put your effort into training and it will be rewarded.

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