A 5 Week Program To Build Massive Wheels



Supplements are obviously not required, however, if you want to, I recommend the following:

Creatine monohydrate: 5g/day (Pre or Post-Workout)

Beta-alanine: 3-4g/day (Spread across the day)

Caffeine: 3-4mg/kg (60 mins before training )

Fish oil: 3g of total EPA+DHA (Taken with a meal)

If you want some extra joint support (fish oil already helps a ton), you can take Glucosamine sulfate. You should take 500mg 3 times per day with a meal.

Second round

Regardless how good your program and nutrition is, building muscle takes time. It’s a slow progress, it’s the nature of it and there’s nothing you can do. Because it’s such a slow progress, I recommend doing the program at least twice, having a little break in between if you wish so. On your second run, you’re going to make the following changes:

– Replace the Back Squat with the Front Squat

– Replace the Front Squat with the Back Squat

– Replace the Sumo Deadlifts for Conventional Deadlifts

– Replace the Romanian Deadlifts for Stiff Leg Deadlifts

So without any more delay here’s the full training program (click on the pic for a larger version) :



So that’s it. Go work on your legs and good luck.


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