Boxing Calisthenics Workout For Strength And Conditioning

Boxers are some of the most “in shape” human beings walking the earth, except not only do they look fierce, they are actually able to do more than they look like they can do. Boxing is a dangerous sport and it requires one to not only be strong, but also have incredible muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

In this article we’re going to dive into a boxing calisthenics workout routine inspired by a typical boxing workout that will help you build muscle, lose weight and improve your overall strength and conditioning routine. 

The Boxing Calisthenics Workout

This workout will be an EMOM workout that involves nothing but your own body weight. The only equipment you will need is a pull-up bar and a dip bar. If you don’t have a dip bar you can simply do some chair dips. 

If you’re not familiar with EMOM, it stands for every minute on the minute. The way it will work is you will set a stopwatch, and as soon as it goes you go down to do your set.

Let’s say you finish at the 40 second mark, that means you only have 20 seconds to rest because once the clock strikes the minute mark, you go again. For the next set if you finish on the 30 second mark, you have 30 seconds to rest until the clock strikes the minute mark again. Hence, every minute on the minute. 

So in this case, 5 sets, will equal 5 minutes. 

Here is the workout: 

5 Sets of Pushups 

5 Sets of Pullups 

5 Sets of Dips 

5 Sets of Leg Raises 

5 Sets of Squats 

5 Minutes of rope jumping (Straight) 

This is a full body workout that is meant to help your heart rate up and put your muscles to work.Not only is each exercise a compound move on its own, but the entire workout quite literally works every muscle on your body. There is nothing that is left behind when training like this. 

Why Do Boxers Train Like This 

The reason a boxing strength training routine consists mostly of calisthenics is because their bodies have to be both strong and have endurance. Fighters also can’t put on too much muscle so they have to gain lean muscle mass without gaining too much weight or getting too tight.

Everything about fighting has to involve functional strength and because calisthenic exercise are compound movements that are done in high reps, they allow fighters to acquire strength and endurance in the same workout.

Time and energy is limited in a day, especially when you train like a fighter or have a busy schedule, for this reason, this is a very efficient workout to accomplish multiple goals in one.  

It Will Work if You Work 

Try this boxing routine out for at least a month’s time and see how you feel and look afterwards. This routine can be done everyday and you can take days off as needed. If you can go 3 days straight then do it, if you can go 7 days straight, that’s totally fine too.

But if you start to feel sore or just burnt out, take a day off as needed. As long as you also supplement with good eating habits, you are sure to get leaned out and shredded with this workout. Give it a go for 30 days! 

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