How to Get Wider [A Sample Routine]

A wide upper body makes you look powerful and athletic. Many guys have narrow shoulders and chest by nature and they want to fix this issue. The good news is there are certain activities that are able to increase the volume of the thorax, which in turn, automatically leads to an increase in muscle growth potential.

The first activity to get wider

This is actually a superset of a couple of exercises –  breathing deep squats, followed by a pullover with a barbell or dumbbell. These exercises should be performed for 15-20 repetitions for the expansion of the chest.

To start you can just do the first activity – 20 rep squats immediately followed by dumbbell  or barbell pullovers. This should be enough to get you started and get some progress. The optimal frequency of training on the expansion of thoracic cage is once on every 1-2 weeks.

Dr. Joseph Horrigan, a board certified chiropractic, sports medicine practitioner and strength and conditioning specialist recommends performing pullovers laying down on a bench along rather than across. He believes that if you lie across the bench, and your hips are in low position, pullovers have a devastating effect on the abdominal wall.

Second Activity to become wider

This set of exercises in the book of Dr Luber:

The set of exercises, presented in the book, looks like this:

1. Perform 20 deep squats with a barbell on your shoulders and then without a break immediately do 15 reps of “pullover” with a dumbbell while lying across the bench “- 3 Super Series.

2. Pull-ups with the bar behind your head on the curved pull-up bar, using the widest grip possible, 30 reps total without counting the number of sets.

3. Pull-ups with the bar touching the chest on the curved horizontal bar, with the widest grip possible, 30 repetitions.

4. Reverse grip pull ups (chin ups) to touch the crossbar, 30 repetitions, again not counting the sets.

5. Parallel bar Dips on wide bars – a maximum of 100 repetitions.

6. Hanging leg raises – 50 repetitions.


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