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Hardcore Chest Workout to Get Massive Aesthetic Pecs

Developing big chest is a dream of all the body builders. They make you look impressive, giving emphasis to all the other shredded muscles.

However, massive chest are not something that comes for granted. You need to earn them. It takes dedication, good planning and hardcore approach both in training and in your diet. That is why we’ve decided to share with you our hardcore chest workout program that will get your chest pumped like boulders.


Before starting with our hardcore chest training protocol, you should be well prepared, as this routine requires all your physical strength. So, make sure that you’ve had a good rest, follow a solid muscle building diet and take a proper warm-up before starting your workout.

Since this chest pumping routine is extremely demanding for your body, you might want to consider taking some supplements in your diet. If you opt to go for this you can include:


After finishing your warm-up consisting of 10 minutes on a treadmill and few light bench presses proceed to the following exercises.

Incline barbell bench press (6 sets with 7 reps each)

After doing the incline bench press, you are ready for the next circuit, that consists of repeating several exercises for three times.

A1 – Dumbbell bench press (negatives 8 reps with a 8 second negative)

Start with the dumbbells in top position and lower them to the bottom in steady and slow movement. Here your partner picks up by helping you lift the dumbbells back.
Because in this exercise you practically do only half of the movement, you should choose some more challenging weight.

A2 – Dumbbell bench press (normal lift – 10 reps)

For this exercise choose a 20-30lbs lighter weight than the one used in the previous exercise.

A3 – Dumbbell fast bench press (10 reps)

Choose lighter weights than usual. The key of this exercise is in the explosiveness of your lift. You start at top position doing a 3 seconds negative. Once you get to the bottom position, explode the weights back up. After completing the circuit of exercises take a rest for 2 to 3 minutes. Then, repeat the same exercises for two more times.

Now, you can continue to the final exercise for finishing your chests. You can either choose to do push-ups, or cable-flys, or both. Do 3 sets till failure. In the case of the cable-flies you should choose weights that allow you ding at least 9 reps.

If you choose to try this hardcore chest workout, keep in mind that it’s very demanding and that sticking to the three above mentioned rules is crucial.  So make sure that you are well rested and thoroughly warmed up before you set off. You might also want to try some natural testosterone booster, as this protocol requires every bit of your energy.

You might feel sore the first time you try it, but with proper recovery you’ll be able to do it once a week on your chest day. A the results will be truly rewarding.

Good luck.

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