High Volume Arm Workout

If you want to give your arms a workout like no other, try this high volume arm workout routine! Some experts say that intensity makes your arms grow, and some say that it’s the volume of training, but to get the best of both worlds, this routine has been developed with both in mind. We need to warn you that this arm workout is not for you if you cannot tolerate pain well though, because the pain will be high from all that volume and lactic acid buildup.

You know what they say, easy and effective do not go together.

The high volume arm workout

1. Start by doing a superset of dips and chin-ups, for 5 sets of 3 reps each.
2. Continue with barbell curls for (as many as you can) sets.*
3. Do lying triceps extensions for (as many as you can) sets.*
4. Do alternating dumbbell hammer curls for (as many as you can) sets.*
5. Finish with overhead cable triceps extensions for (as many as you can) sets.*

*In order to determine the number of reps you should be doing, make sure to start with half of your best set for 8 reps (half of your 8RM). For example, if you can do 100 pounds for 8 reps with good form, this would be 50 pounds. If you start with a weight lighter than 50lbs, add five pounds for every set you do. If you start with more than 50, add 10lbs. Do six repetitions with your starting weight, then put in the added weight as quickly as possible. Then, do 6 more repetitions, and keep this going for as many sets as you can. When you get to muscle failure, take weight off in the same manner as adding it – five or ten pounds off, every set. Keep going until you reach your starting weight, six reps at a time. Let’s take a closer look at the exercises as well.

1. Dips

triceps dips

Grab the dip bars, while your arms are fully extended and locked in place. Your body should be as straight vertical as you can to put all of the pressure on the triceps instead of the chest. Your legs should be right below you if the dip bars are high enough, and if not, bend them and interlock them so they don’t mess with your exercise. Keep your elbows glued to your sides as you bend them while lowering yourself down until your upper arms become fully parallel to the ground. Press as hard as you can into the dip bars and lift your body upwards.

2. Chin-Ups

Use an underhand grip here to grab the chin-up bar. Keep your hands separated at shoulder width and hang down from the bar with your arms completely extended, but also keep your chest as high as possible while accenting the arch on your lower back area. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull up – contract your lats until the bottom of your chin goes over the bar. Make sure to keep your muscles contracted for a second or two before coming down to the beginning again.

Do these two exercises as a superset, with as much effort as possible. If you can, lift more weight. Rest two minutes after every superset for best results.

3. Barbell Curls

Your knees should be a little bit bent and your feet should be positioned at shoulder width. Take a barbell with your hands at shoulder width as well, while holding an underhand grip. The bar should be around the same level as your thighs, which means you will have to keep your abs clenched and your elbows immobile. Without rocking back and forth, curl the bar in an arc that ends on your shoulders and clench your biceps while taking a second to pause. Then, gently put the bar back in the previous, starting position and do more reps.

4. Lying Triceps Extensions

For this exercise, you will need to lie down on a flat bench with your chest and face upwards and your feet on the ground. Take a barbell and hold it with your arm fully extended over your chest. While holding the barbell like this, keep your upper arm completely solid and move only your elbows, lowering the barbell all the way to your forehead and then back up.

5. Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Bend your knees just a little bit and position your feet about as wide as your hip and parallel. Take two dumbbells while holding a neutral grip and let them hang by your sides. Curl the dumbbell in your left arm all the way to your shoulder and keep the neutral grip constantly. When you get to the top of the movement, take a second to pause and then put the weight back in the original position in a controlled and gentle manner. Do the same thing with the other arm and count one rep done on each side as a single rep.

6. Overhead Cable Triceps Extensions

Stand next to a high pulley with a rope on it, facing your back. Take a neutral grip on the rope behind your dome and lean forwards just a bit with your torso. Your elbows should be positioned next to your ears, and your forearms should be presenting a 90-degree angle. To do overhead cable triceps extensions, make sure that you only move your elbows forwards and lift the weight without any additional muscle power. Move them forwards until your arm is fully extended, then back and again.

Finally, you should know that this is a maximum-effort workout, but it also results in the best possible benefits. Not only that, but it relies on your feedback as well – you can stop when it gets too difficult. If you want to grow your arms, definitely try this workout at least once a week, or if you wanna get big arms, try it two times a week.

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