How to Get Bigger Arms in Four Weeks

This training program is designed to help you add mass and size to your arms and shoulders in just one month by targeting them using a smart set of exercises. In addition, the program includes a chest/back and leg/abs workout. To increase the stimulus, you’ll need to train your arms and shoulders twice a week, while limiting the work of other muscle groups to one weekly session, which leads to a total number of four workouts per week. Read the rest of the article to find out how the plan works.

Programming: Structure & Tempo

The first and third workout will target your arms and shoulders. The second one focuses on the chest and back, and the fourth workout is for the legs and abs. This type of a training plan allows optimal hypertrophy of the arm muscles, which are being trained directly twice a week, while also worked as secondary muscles with some of the remaining movements, and forces them to grow bigger and stronger in a shorter period of time.

Each of these workouts is comprised of five exercises, two of which are compound lifts and are performed with straight sets, while the remaining three are isolation exercises and form a tri-set that you’ll perform without any rest between them.

For maximal benefits, you need to perform each exercise according to the prescribed tempo code – the first digit refers to how long (in seconds) it should take you to lower the weight, the second digit indicates how long you should pause at the bottom of the movement, the third how long it should take you to lift the weight, and the fourth tells you how long you should pause at the top portion of the movement. Follow the tempo codes as strictly as possible to create an optimal time under tension and stimulate a strong anabolic response. Make sure your form is flawless and each rep is performed in a controlled manner within a full range of motion.

Workout #1 – Arms & Shoulders

#1. Overhead Press

Sets: 5, Reps: 8, Rest: 60 sec, Tempo: 2-0-1-0


Overhead Press

Proper form: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a barbell across your upper chest with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping a tight core, press the bar over your head until your elbows are locked, then lower it back down. Keep your legs straight.

#2. Rack Pull

Sets: 5, Reps: 8, Rest: 60 sec, Tempo: 2-0-1-0


Rack Pull

Proper form: Position yourself against a barbell resting on safety bars at knee height or slightly above. Your feet should be right under your hips, back slightly arched. With a double overhand grip and hands shoulder-width apart, extend through the hips and knees and deadlift the bar up and back until lockout, squeezing your shoulder blades.

Perform in tri-set:

#3.1 Seated Dumbbell Curl

Sets: 3, Reps: 12, Rest: 0 sec, Tempo: 2-1-1-1

Proper form: Sit on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand, shoulders close to the torso. Rotate the palms so that they are facing your torso. Keeping the upper arm stationary and the elbows tucked in, curl the weights up and twist the wrists once the dumbbells pass your thighs so that the palms face forward at the end of the movement. Curl up until your biceps are fully contracted and the dumbbells are at shoulder level.

#3.2 Standing Dumbbell Curl

Sets: 3, Reps: 12, Rest: 0 sec, Tempo: 2-1-1-1


Standing Dumbbell Curl

Proper form: Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing forward. Keeping your upper arms stationary and your elbows tucked in, curl the weights up while contracting your biceps.

#3.3 Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Sets: 3, Reps: 12, Rest: 60 sec, Tempo: 2-0-1-0


Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Proper form: Stand straight holding a dumbbell with both hands. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Lift the dumbbell over your head until both arms are fully extended. The palms of your hands should be facing up towards the ceiling. Keeping your chest up, upper arms close to your head and elbows in, lower the weight in a semicircular motion behind your head until your forearms touch your biceps.

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