Check out Jason Momoa’s Beastly Workout Plan for Conan the Barbarian

Jason Momoa didn’t disappoint when we saw him in the remake of “Conan the Barbarian”, nor did his body. Sure enough, he ate his protein and did his training, but no one expected such a spectacular physique, much less someone moving big swords and chains with such ease.

Besides having some bad-a*s tattoos and looking like a real savage ready to tear you apart, his workout plan can sure teach us something new we haven’t tried before.

Weighted pull-ups

There are no fancy exercises or gimmicks here. Weighted pull-ups are a time-tested old school exercise which is both simple and effective. But don’t let that fool you. It has stood the test of time for a reason. There’s no better way to build your lats and get that wide dominant look. You should always strive to lift intensely and heavy, presuming you’ve perfected your execution form. Endless studies have proven that lifting heavy loads will have a remarkable impact on your anabolic hormone levels, which in turn impact your overall muscle building progress.

One might say this has been parroted endlessly, however, some people tend to overthink things and forget what it really takes to build quality muscle mass. Training in the famous 8-12 rep range, with some drop sets, super sets and negatives will pump you up fast and provide an appreciable amount of muscle but if you aren’t spending some time on developing your strength and explosiveness too, you are seriously derailing your fitness efforts.

The thing is that your body reacts to any stimuli, mechanical stress being one of them. If you force your body to think that it needs to build and save even the smallest amount of muscle in order to survive, it will do so. It doesn’t care if you look good. The only thing it cares about is survival. This goes especially true for the majority of people who aren’t injecting juice every day. If you want to build the best possible physique without using s******s, you need to for heavy loads done at a low rep range of 1-6.

Momoa’s background

Jason Momoa didn’t always look like this, but it’s fair to say he had some good genetics and the environment he was born in demanded a strong body. He was born in Hawaii where he had to build his powerful look before starring in his first appearance in “Baywatch” in 1999. He also starred in several other TV roles such as Ronan Rex in “Stargate Atlantis”, but it seems he will be most remembered for his iconic role as the Dothraki horse lord Khal Drogo in the acclaimed “Game of Thrones” TV series.

Getting from a Baywatch lifeguard to a fearsome savage was definitely not an easy task. It’s pretty clear he has outdone himself.

And we have yet to see the best of him in DC’s newest ensemble movie “Justice League” in the role of Aquaman. No doubt director Zack Snyder watched him as Conan the Barbarian and thought he would look absolutely badass carrying a trident.

Plus, bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno himself was blown away by the effort he’s been giving at the gym and had the most positive things to say.

The exercise that Momoa does will stimulate almost every muscle in your body, except for perhaps your eyes and ears. It’s very hard and not for the weak of mind. Look at it, man up and try it as soon as possible.

For all those people who think lifting “bodybuilding style” is the only type of training they need, the truth is that at some point you need to do some kind of a functional exercise. Incorporating such exercises will save you a lot of time, which you could spend on eating, plus, they mix every type of muscle contraction: concentric, eccentric and isometric. Talking about muscle confusion…

Incorporate the “death crawl” at the end of your training session, or do it on a separate day to achieve better core stability.

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