Lactic Acid Training – A Different Way To Lose Fat

The release of lactic acid is associated with hard training. That intense burning sensation after a hard set – that’s lactic acid building up in your muscles when your body enters into oxygen debt during intense exercise. But what you probably didn’t know is that lactic acid can unlock the key to rapid fat loss while preserving muscle. Below you can learn about lactic acid training and the benefits from it.

The lactic acid training is a style of training, designed to force your body to produce a lot of lactic acid in the muscles you work.The presence of lactic acid will cause an increase in both growth hormone and testosterone production by the body. These are two of the most anabolic and lipolytic hormones in the human body. This means your body will burn fat at an increased pace while preserving muscle.

If done right, a typical lactic acid workout should last about 45 minutes. A good practice is to work on antagonist muscle groups (chest and back for an example) in one session, and choose “the most bang for the buck” multi-joint exercises. A very few and short rest periods between the sets will ensure a lot of lactic acid buildup and additional fat loss.

A typical lactic acid workout would look like this:

Day 1 – chest and back

Bench press – 8 reps at 8RM (you should reach muscular failure at the 8-th repetition )
Incline dumbbell press – 12 reps at 12RM
Dumbbell flyes – 20 reps at 20RM

The rest between SETS is 10-20 seconds.This cycle is repeated 2-3 times,depending on your conditioning.
Rest for 2-3 minutes an then do:

Chin up or Pull up – 8 reps
Barbell row – 12 reps at 12RM
cable row – 20 reps at 20 RM

Rest 10-20 seconds between sets.Repeat this cycle 2-3 times.

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