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Simple Training Regimen For Foolproof Results

For the most part, building a muscular physique consists of seeking out new protocols and techniques, as much as it consists of utilizing this newly acquired knowledge in the gym.  If you are like the majority of guys out there, you too have probably tried your hand, one way or another, in this pursuit for a perfect exercise, perfect routine or perfect split that could sculpt your dream physique in the most efficient and best way.

In the process, you’ve likely picked up all sorts of interesting, cool and possibly even efficient techniques and exercises. Well, although there’s nothing wrong with being inquisitive and always trying to improve yourself, this approach has a concealed flow, which can have devastating effects on your whole training regimen.

It leaves you cluttered with a load of exercises that do not work so well. Yet, you somehow find yourself unable to give them up, thinking that each and every one of them is equally valuable to your training. Well, the truth is that most of them (even some of the really cool ones) are just a burden that is weighing you down in your progress. Worst of all, most of the time it’s extremely hard to identify and sift these superfluous exercises.

If you find yourself in the above-described lot, than it’s time for some spring cleaning, right now without waiting for spring to come.  Here you’ll find a simple training regimen that takes you back to the basics, stripping your workout plan of all the unnecessary movements that piled up over the years. It contains just 16 exercises split in two workouts – one for the upper body muscles, and the other one for the lower body muscles. Each of the splits is repeated twice during the course of the week. In other words, you do 4 weekly sessions.

If you want to get back to the basics, we urge to try the following training regimen for a couple of months. It takes weight training back to its purest with simple utilization of barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight moves. Keep your sets in the 10 rep range, by pyramiding up the loads in each successive set.

One of the strongest points of this regimen is in its universal approach, which is certified to provide you with result no matter if you’re just starting with your training, or if you have years of practice under your belt. In any case, it will come as a refreshment from all the demanding and complex routines that you have been doing all this time.

Back-to-Basics Simple Training Regimen

Each of the 16 exercises is performed with in the order listed in the table below. Each exercise is performed for 4 sets.

At the same time, pyramid the loads up with each next set. You should aim at completing 10 reps per set or perform them till failure. If you are beginner, you should reduce the number of sets to two or three, but maintain the same rep count.

After you’ve completed all sets of one exercise, it’s time to continue to the following movement on the list. The rest period between the sets and the exercises should not exceed 90 seconds. Train you upper body and lower body twice a week.

Workout 1 and 4

Romanian Deadlift
Dumbbel Lunges
Standing Calf Raises
Hanging Leg Raises

Workout 2 and 5

Pull Up
Barbell Row
Military Press
Incline Barbell Bench Press
Barbell bench press
Wide Grip Upright Row

The “Simple Training” Split

Day 1 – Workout 1
Day 2 – Workout 2
Day 3 – Rest
Day 4 – Workout 1
Day 5 – Workout 2
Day 6 – Rest
Day 7 – Rest

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