“Arm” Yourself with This Arm Workout

If you lift weights on a regular basis, chances are you measure at least some of your success on the size and definition of your arms. Contrary to what a lot of exerciser’s believe, the size and shape of your arms is as much to do with your triceps as it is your biceps although the biceps on the front of the upper arm is often considered the “glory” muscle!

Well developed arms offer more than simple aesthetic appeal and can enhance your sporting performance and even make everyday tasks like DIY and gardening easier.

The main problem with many arm training programs is they are little more than one-trick ponies. That is to say they only really address a small part of the muscle activation potential of the biceps and triceps. There is nothing wrong with performing multiple sets of moderate weight biceps curls for example but to maximize your arm development you should be thinking about working all three types of muscle fibers within your arms.

Your have three types of muscle fiber : Type 2b, type 2a and type 1. Type 2b are best suited to heavy weights/high intensity exercise, type 2a are more suited to moderate weight/medium intensity exercise while type 1 are for light weights/low intensity exercise. In this arm program you’ll be using heavy, moderate and light loads to ensure that each type of fibre is challenged sufficiently.

It’s only by following a more holistic approach to arm training (such as this one!) that you will develop your best ever arms…!

As with any workout, you should always start your session with a general warm up which includes some light cardio, joint mobility and dynamic stretching. Also, make a point of performing one or two light sets of each exercise to ensure your arms are locked, loaded and ready for action!

The Workout

Perform this workout twice a week on non-consecutive days, preferably at the end of a normal upper body workout. You might want to consider cutting back on your chest, shoulders and back training a little bit so you have more energy for your arm specialization training. Also, remember that you can’t build something out of nothing so make sure you are eating a diet that supports muscle growth and includes plenty of protein and a good post-training recovery shake or snack.

Reps Sets Recovery Training System
1a Close grip chin ups



120 seconds

Super set

1b Parallel bar dips
2a EZ biceps curls



90 seconds

Super set

2b EZ triceps extensions
3a Concentration curls



60 seconds

Super set

3b Cable kickbacks

As you can see, this workout uses a training system called super sets. This means that you perform the first exercise, designated as a) on the chart, and on completion immediately perform the second exercise, designated as b). On completion of the second exercise, rest for the prescribed period and then repeat the pairing. Once you have completed all the designated sets of the first pairing, rest a moment and then move on to the next pairing.


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