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Team Skip Training Protocol

What I am best known for in the Bodybuilding Industry is having an unorthodox approach to nutrition and training. I have always approached things with great cynicism because from an early age the accepted rules of training and nutrition just didn’t seem terribly logical. In fact, a lot of those so-called rules seemed stupid.

It didn’t take long for me to come to the point where everything I heard and read I had to somehow test and see for myself whether it worked or not. It didn’t matter to me where I heard the information and how reputable the source. This is likely the reason that I am in the position I am today and why people value my opinions and methodology in the areas of training and nutrition.

Over the years I have battled with overtraining and this has forced me to take a closer look at how I could make sure that I was recovering and growing as efficiently as possible. I tend to have a relatively slow recovery rate compared to most everyone else around me. I think my seven-year-old daughter may have a better recovery ability than I do. My nutrition isn’t an issue because that is an area that I am very well versed in, as most of you know. I tend to sleep like a baby, and almost always have, so that isn’t an issue, either. My life is relatively low stress given that I don’t have financial problems or marital problems.

I am in a very good place with business and my wife swears she is happily married after almost twenty years. Whether she is lying is up for debate but at least I believe her, so, that right there would keep my stress levels low. My point? I have no obvious reason for having a slow recovery ability so over the years I have basically accepted it.

That being said, I figured the next logical step was to put my training under the microscope and see if there were things that I could change or adjust that could help my recovery so that I could make better gains. I noticed that my shoulders constantly bothered me and have never really been very strong. I have also battled with minor injuries to my shoulders over the years, as well. In taking a closer look at my training it seemed that I might be overtraining my shoulders and arms and possibly undertraining chest and back as chest and back have always been my weakest areas. I seemed to be in a position that if I could find a way to train delts and arms less and chest and back more, I might have the answer.

My legs have always been a strong body part so there was no need to change my leg training, at all. What I came up with has not only worked incredibly well to bring up my back and chest but my shoulders have made more progress in the last year and a half than they have in the last ten years. My arms, even though they were always a relative strong point, had inexplicably started to grow even more. What the hell was going on? I was right: I was over-training my arms and shoulders and under-training chest and back. It just took me ten years to figure it out.


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