3 Main Reasons Why You Need BCAAs in Your Diet


BCAAs Help Reduce Muscle Loss

Muscle loss can result from overtraining, nutrient deficiencies, and prolonged dieting. It may also occur if you’re taking a break from your workouts or undergoing surgical procedures. To prevent it, you need to eat more. When you’re on a diet, increasing your daily calories and macros is not an option. The only way to supplement your diet with the right nutrients is to take protein, BCAAs and other products.

A study conducted on a group of people has shown that those who took a solution containing the three essential amino acids did not move into a negative nitrogen balance nor lose muscle during the recovery period compared to those taking dextrose only.

This indicates that BCAA supplementation is particularly beneficial when recovering from injuries or surgery. These amino acids improve recovery time and support muscle repair. They also help maintain a positive nitrogen balance and reduce catabolism.

Most bodybuilders take protein and carbs around exercise to build muscle and strength. Some are also using casein, glutamine, creatine, pre and post workout formulas, arginine and other advanced products, but yet still overlook the benefits of BCAAs.

This supplement is vital to muscle growth and development. Not only it reduces muscle breakdown, but also boosts exercise performance, prevents muscle fatigue, and makes you stronger overall. It often works better than advanced products that cost far more.

Supplementing with BCAAs is crucial when you’re in calorie deficit. These three amino acids will help you preserve muscle and lose fat. They positively impact testosterone levels and help you lift heavier weights. If you’re looking for a product that builds and maintains muscle, BCAAs should be on your list.

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