5 Rules Every Natural Bodybuilder Should Follow

If you’ve decided to turn to natural bodybuilding you’ve made the real choice. Not only do you avoid the dangerous side-effects of s******s by becoming a natural bodybuilder, but you’ll achieve some real gains in muscles, as you must be aware how unreliable steroid gains can be.

However, this decision will take you to working a lot harder than people relying on s******s. At first it will be difficult, especially if you don’t know exactly how to approach this training method. The year of trial and error might eventually result in building up strong muscles, but there is a way to cut short this long journey to athletic body without using synthetic hormones.

In this article we’ll try to present you with some of the secrets that every natural bodybuilder should know before starting to workout in order to avoid making mistakes at the very beginning. Take a look at the following five most important points of natural bodybuilding.


When your approach and technique are right, the first year of training can be the most satisfying and rewarding. In this period, also known as noob gains phase, you can have the greatest rise in strength and muscle mass.

However, this is also the period when most of the beginners start making mistakes that will cost them dearly. They start with routines that are beginning to bring results, although this new muscles are just a consequence of the noob phase. Seeing these results they continue to do the same routines in the second and third year, but the gains stop arriving and they just can’t figure out why.

This is usually when many give up. If you want to keep on making gains, you’ll have to constantly follow your progress and the manner of training. It is very important to progressively increase the weight, the reps and sets with each following week. If you don’t do this, your muscles won’t grow.

One of the key aspects of natural bodybuilding is progressive overload. In order to achieve muscle growth, you’ll need to increase the intensity of working out.


Another important aspect in getting big is the correct and caloric nutrition.Without consuming more calories that you normally need, your body won’t have the fuel to grow. So, don’t go chasing after the six packs at the very beginning. A little fat on your stomach can set the stage for impressive future muscle gains.

Your diet should focus on consuming lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. These three foods are the best when you want to increase your muscle mass quickly.

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