5 Supplements Keto Dieters Should Use


3. Fibers


Even though you need to seriously up your fat intake, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should neglect vegetables. If you are not a big fan of greens or broccoli, that’s bad news since they are one of the most suitable foods for a keto diet because of their low-carb content.

That is why you should seriously think of incorporating a fiber supplement in your diet. Fiber will help you avoid occasional irregularities will help you feel satiated, in addition to helping you in the maintenance of a healthy bacterial environment in your intestines. The carb content in most of the fiber supplements can get pretty high, so make sure that you read the nutrition labels to ensure you’re not going over you daily carb requirements.

Fiber supplements based on flax seed are known to have a pretty high content of fat while at the same time being low on carbs.


4. Caffeine

As we mentioned many times earlier the transition your body is forced to make by switching from carbohydrates to fat as the primary energy source can be excruciating. Instead of just waiting it out and preparing yourself to function as a zombie for the first couple of days, try to help yourself by slightly upping the caffeine intake, either in the form of taking a caffeine-containing supplement like a fat-burner or a pre-workout supplement or simply drinking more coffee. It may prove to be the perfect tool to elevate your mood and increase fat-burning.

Caffeine in its essence improves loss of fat and is an appetite suppressant, making it an ideal supplement to a keto diet. Additionally, if you are planning on training hard and heavy during the transition period, the benefits you will get from caffeine will be extremely helpful. Caffeine also intensified breakdown of fat tissue, making it an extremely efficient fat-loss supplement you can add to your keto diet arsenal.

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5. Greens supplements

Our modern diets are highly deficient in vegetables and chances are high that applies to your diet as well. It is quite evident and the lack of consuming vegetables can be particularly glaring once up increase fat intake significantly and start a ketogenic diet. If you examine your most common meals you will find that our point is right. Eliminating carbs from your diet can make hitting daily protein and fat requirements extremely difficult. Greens supplements are a great tool to help you reach those goals.

The number one thing you should is to search for ways to make sure you get enough greens in your diet. Add a couple of leaves of spinach onto your diced eggs. Make a juice of low-carb vegetables and eat it alongside a cheese snack. Eat some kind of salad with every meal. Only then, if you still aren’t reaching your fat and protein goals, consider adding a greens supplement.

And you should always take into consideration that supplements are never a substitute for a well-balanced and healthy diet. However, a lot of professional athletes attribute a lot of their success to this supplement. By the way, they are an excellent addition to your protein shake and even though the color may seem odd the taste is delicious.


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