Testosterone Boosting Foods

Exercise is an important part of looking and feeling good! Let’s be honest here; you want to look good not because you are thinking about a long and enjoyable retirement playing golf in Florida but because you want to look like an action hero when you head off to the beach or park!

So, chances are, you hit the gym regularly, do some cardio to drop some fat and eat a protein-based diet to ensure you’re getting plenty of those muscle-building amino acids. As well as all that, you are hopefully moderating your alcohol intake, getting plenty of sleep, keeping your stress levels low, not smoking and generally trying to live a healthy life.

If you are doing all that and still not seeing the results you think you deserve, the problem could be your hormones. If you feel lethargic all the time, don’t sleep very well, tend to hold fat around your chest and belly, lack sex drive, you may well be suffering from low testosterone levels.

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for building muscle, losing fat and feeling like a badass. As men age, our bodies tend to start producing less and less testosterone and, if left unchecked, it may even develop into full blown andropause; the male equivalent of menopause.

If you suffer from true andropause, you are an excellent candidate for hormone replacement therapy or, if we are being blunt here, doctor-prescribed steroids. However, as effective as HRT is, it doesn’t address why your T levels are dropping, can cause an ever greater shutdown of natural testosterone production and can even result in fertility issues. Really, HRT should be your last resort.

Modern life or, more specifically, modern diets are not conducive to keeping your T levels on the up and up. In fact, modern diets have been strongly linked to lowered testosterone. Processed foods, food-like substances that have little resemblance to anything that grows in nature, poor soil quality and the use of hormones in rearing cattle and producing dairy are all sucking the testosterone out of us faster than a marathon of America’s Got Talent.

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