The Ultimate Guide to Protein Supplements


Protein powders largely consist of protein (usually whey protein, but other mixtures as well). Most of them do not contain more than 5 grams of carbohydrates and more than 20-25 grams of proteins per dose. With regards to the calories, they contain about 100 to 125 calories.

According to the expert advice, mixed protein powders are the ideal choice for athletes, because they contain proteins which will be released immediately upon entering the body. The other proteins from the mix will be released more slowly, and can remain present in the system during the next few hours (until the next meal). The powders consisting of whey isolate and concentrate are the optimal post workout choice, because they are quickly released in the bloodstream.


Protein bars can contain any of the above listed proteins. The carbohydrate mix in protein bars is usually a combination of glycerol (which is not a carbohydrate, but sugar alcohol) and several sugar types. Compared to the weight gainers, the protein bars contain fewer calories. You should choose carefully which brand of protein bars you buy, because some of them have high fat content and are packed with sugar.

If you aim at losing weight, limit your protein bars intake to one a day. If you are preparing for a competition, avoid them entirely.


These shakes are novelty on the supplements market. They are characterised with a high percentage of protein (most of the mixed proteins) with addition of essential fat acids and small percentage of carbohydrates. Also, most of them contain vitamins and minerals. They are highly practical for people who do not have time to mix their shakes due to their busy schedule. These shakes can taste superb.


Beef liver capsules are a superb choice of protein used by the bodybuilders for decades. In order to be efficient, these capsules should be produced using beef liver with the highest quality, and should not contain fats, cholesterol and other impurities found in liver.

The beef liver capsules provide heme iron (used in creation of red blood cells), vitamin B complex, lipotropic choline and inositol. They are also a great source of vitamins A, C and D, and other micro nutrients such as the selenium antioxidants, phosphorus, copper, zinc and GTF chromium (which helps the insulin regulation).  Take 3-4 capsules after each meal. Each capsule adds 2 grams of beef protein to your meal.


Which protein supplements should you use – weight gainers, meal replacement shakes, pure protein powders, bars or ready to drink protein shakes? Which one should you choose?

Do you want to gain weight? In this case the weight gainers and protein bars (especially those with higher percentage of calories) are your choice.

If you are looking for a complete meal consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, some fats, and you want to maintain lean body, than the best choice would be MRP shake.

Do you want to cut down the expenses? Buy a 2 kg package of mixed protein powders, which, depending on the manner of mixing, can be used for gaining weight or muscles without adding fats.

Do you have a busy schedule? Then, the RTD shake is the best choice. Naturally, you can mix and combine different protein supplements depending on your daily schedule and goals.

Keep in mind that protein supplements are just that: addition to a healthy diet. Do not mistake them for meals, thinking they are better than food, because they are not. The real food (proteins in food) should always be the primary choice in creating the basis of a good bodybuilding and fitness diet.

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