Does Lifting Weights Stunt Growth ?

Weightlifting is a fundamental part of any workout program. Whether you are attempting to build muscle, lose weight or maintain your desired body size and shape, adding weightlifting to your workout routine can help you achieve your goals much better.
While these benefits hold truth for a fully grown adult, you may be concerned about the effects of weightlifting on the growing body of a young athlete.

Health-conscious parents would definitely like to know if weightlifting will cause any serious damage to their kid’s health and stunt growth.

Does lifting weights at young age stunt growth ?

According to science there is no evidence that lifting weights could stunt growth. On the contrary, scientific evidence and research say that well-structured and monitored resistance training regimens offer a multitude of advantages for children.

These advantages include:

-Enhancing muscular strength and bone strength index (BSI).
-Diminishing the likelihood of fractures and sports-related injuries.
-Cultivating self-esteem and fostering a keen enthusiasm for physical fitness.

The misunderstanding surrounding weightlifting’s impact on growth is likely rooted in the fact that injuries to growth plates in developing bones can indeed hinder proper growth.

Your growth plates refer to the cartilaginous sections of developing tissue situated at the ends of the bones bones, such as the femur. These plates transform into solid bone as individuals attain physical maturity, but they remain relatively pliable during growth, making them more prone to injury.

However, the fact that growth plates are vulnerable to injury doesn’t imply that adolescents or teenagers should refrain from engaging in weightlifting activities.

Nonetheless, this outcome can arise due to improper technique, excessive loads, and inadequate supervision, rather than the correct execution of weight exercises.

If you’re still asking if weightlifting stunts growth in young weightlifters,  watch the video bellow to find out :

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