Bradley Martyn Does the 30 Second Squat Challenge

So, you wonder what a 30 second squat challenge is. What you do is, you pause at the bottom squat position, just like during the pause squats. The difference here is that instead of a second or two, you pause 30 seconds with a heavy bar on your back, before you go back up again.

This should be a front squat, according to T-nation, but Bradley doesn’t seem care about that and takes the challenge as a back squat.

T-nation says that this challenge is actually legit and should give you decent strength gains. So…… if t-nation says it’s good, it’s probably good.

But what happens when bodybuilder and youtube celebrity Bradley Martyn takes on the challenge? Find out below:

Please don’t try this at home.

And here is a video of Bradley and Simeon Panda working legs, squatting 6 plates on each side – What Happens When You Let Two Monsters Into The Gym, on a LEG DAY



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