10 Foods That Boost Libido And the 3 Foods That Kill It

The libido killers:


Oysters have often been lauded as powerful aphrodisiacs, but that is not the case at all. They do have a high content of zinc, a mineral essential to the creation of many hormones, but they can also be a very toxic and unhealthy food. Along with other shellfish, they can absorb various toxins and all kind of parasites found in the ocean, which in many cases outweighs the zinc benefits. That’s why you should avoid them and opt for some spinach to get a meal low in calories and high in zinc.

Refined baked goods

Why, you ask? Because they are filled with sugar which literally kills your drive. Baked goods have saturated trans-fats which have a negative impact on our cells, along with the immune system. These treats loaded with sugar surround the body’s cells, preventing any essential food glucose from entering the cell, keeping it the bloodstream, thus increasing blood sugar levels and reducing the libido. The fats contained within also clog the ventricles, decreasing the oxygen supply to the reproductive organs and preventing the spleen from creating a sufficient amount of leukocytes (white blood cells).

Dairy products

Those that are addicted to cream cheese or ice cream may need to reconsider their choices and substitute them with a lactose-free alternative every now and then. It’s been found that the lactic acid found in dairy products as well as the elements that destroy oxygen can really diminish the libido to extremely low levels, which means restricting dairy products to maximum 3 times a week. One shouldn’t neglect dairy’s most beneficial mineral: calcium.

It is tightly related to the cell’s health as well as your overall reproductive health. Healthy cells increase the sensitivity for an improved blood circulation, which results in enhanced love pleasure. That’s why you need to eat leafy vegetables, sprouted beans, broccoli, cabbage, which are all rich in calcium.


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