10 Foods That Boost Libido And the 3 Foods That Kill It


Regardless of how you want to cook them, eating eggs will boost your libido after a tiring day and will enable you the needed energy for the marathon ahead. They have a high protein content, which will give you more stamina, and they have a few calories. Additionally, they are a great source of L-arginine, an amino acid which has been proven to combat various types of heart issues and s*xual dysfunctions.


Numerous studies have shown that women that took a ginseng supplement experienced a significant increase in their libido in just one month, and more than 70% have confirmed that their love life also improved. Incorporate ginseng in your diet or you can try some of the ginseng tea varieties. However, a word of caution. Just because a beverage contains ginseng, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The majority of energy drinks sold on the market have ginseng in them, but they also have lots of other unhealthy compounds as well as lots of sugar, which decrease your libido.


Even though it’s a bit expensive, saffron is a great spice, both literally and figuratively for your belly and your love life. Scientists have found out that saffron has the potential to improve your performance. It is recommended that you soak the threads in a warm liquid for about 20 minutes and then add them in rice, barley or quinoa, or just add it in a stew or a soup.


Preparing a salad with lettuce with some vinegar and olive oil added will help you with trimming the fat off your waist and boost your libido. Lettuce has an opiate which helps to activate various hormones. Eat an entire bowl for dinner and you’re good to go.


Ginger has been used for medical purposes for centuries from cultures from all over the glove. Ginger has compounds in it that help with the adjustment of circulation temperature, detoxification of the mucoid residue which can be found in the gastrointestinal tract and boost the libido. You can consume it in any form, raw, supplement or as an addition to your meal or beverage, and it has proven itself to be a powerful health defender in times of colds and the flu season. It’s also a bit hot which makes it an excellent addition to any soup or stew.




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