10 Foods That Boost Libido And the 3 Foods That Kill It

If you’ve been feeling a bit too tired lately and have no desire for s*x whatsoever, it’s very likely that your libido has taken a hit and needs to be boosted. In this article, we have compiled a list of foods you can add to your diet which will give a powerful boost to your libido and make you feel like a teenager again. Well, not exactly like a teenager, but you get our point! So, here are the 10 foods that will increase your love drive and additional 3 that will reduce it:

Black raspberries

Black raspberries as well as the seeds in them will change your mindset and will instantly get you in the mood, which is why you should eat at least a handful every day in order to make you more creative underneath the sheets. They are rich in phytochemicals which increase both your libido and overall endurance. Eat at least 10 per day or take a tablespoon of raspberry seeds a couple of hours before performance.


You can eat them in any form, either raw, cooked or sautéed. Just add them to a salad or eat them on the side with your steak. Broccoli has a high content of vitamin C which improves the blood circulation to your organs and has been suggested to improve the libido in women. If you were already planning on adding a vegetable in your dinner, but wondering which one, when it comes to your libido, broccoli is your best choice.


Similar to broccoli, this super-food can be cooked in many forms, like you can brew it in hot apple cider, add it your favorite delicacy or add in your tea. And always make sure that your partner drinks it too. It’s been a century-long medicament for male issues in India. Recent research has confirmed this by concluding that clove extract significantly increased the libido of male lab rats. They can also be used as a way to get rid of foul mouth odor, which can help you in those early phases of the courting process too. In Mexican food, for example, you can add powdered cloves, as well as some cinnamon and cumin. This adds up to a delicious aphrodisiac.


If you want to become irresistible to your partner, there is this miraculous food that will make you a love-making machine. You guessed it, figs! Figs are known to be a powerful stimulant of fertility and can increase the release of pheromones. Try a handful before making love and witness their potential. Figs are also known to increase the testosterone production in men.



Chocolate has always been lauded as one of the most potent aphrodisiacs, but current studies have started to claim otherwise. Despite having compounds like phenylethylamine which can boost endorphin and serotonin levels, it’s been found that there really is no relation between chocolate consumption and the improvement of libido or performance. So, for those of you looking for something that is both sweet and stimulating for your libido, try a piece of watermelon.

Despite it being comprised of more than 90% water, the rest is filled with essential compounds for your health. It’s been found that watermelons contain substances which have an effect akin to V*agra to our blood vessels and can help with improving your libido. Watermelons have a phytonutrient known as citrulline, which your body transforms into arginine, an amino acid known to boost the nitric oxide levels and relaxes your blood vessels, in the same manner, a drug like V*agra would.

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