7 Things You Should Consume If You Want to Increase Your Libido

Almost 30% of women between the age of 18 and 59 and 15-16% of men lose interest in what happens in their bedroom. Of course, a lot of factors influence this – the modern age dictates that our lifestyle is too fast for anything fun, we get way too stressed, our hormones are out of check because of bad food or we just have medical issues, all the while not exercising. These are all causes for your s*x life to dwindle to the point of non-existence. These are the typical symptoms, but if you’re feeling bored and tired of not having a s*x life, there is of course, a solution.

First of all, you need to go and talk to your medical professional if you have or if you suspect you might have any medical conditions that might be influencing your s*x life. Also, your doctor can recommend certain supplements or medications to help with getting your physical shape up to par. With that, he can also suggest some healthier and radically different lifestyle options which will get you as turned on as ever. When all this is done, you also have the option of eating certain foods and taking certain supplements to aid in the process.

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First of all, you might want to consider eating some more iron. Having an iron deficiency in your body will constantly make you feel exhausted and deprived of energy. This, of course, means that your libido will take a giant hit as well. A medical professional can easily determine if you have a low amount of iron in your blood and if you do, they can give you iron supplements which will fix the issue and get you up and running about.

Also, you might want to look at maca root. I know you’ve heard that men use this to boost their s****l drive but women can use it as well as it has shown real effect when used by women. Maca root will help you balance your hormones and it will also reduce any symptoms of menopause that you might be having. As little as three grams per day will get the job done!

Catuaba bark is a famous aphrodisiac in Brazil and it boosts your s****l endurance as well as your mood. This can help you a lot in the bedroom and you’ll be overflowing with confidence as well. Also, when talking about balancing hormones, you also might want to look at suma root – this one will help you a lot of you’re menopausal right now, but it will also boost your stamina and it will turn you on once again.

If all else fails, L-arginine will not. This supplement will get the blood flowing all around your body, including your reproductive organs. This will make the entire area around and inside of your v****a much more sensitive than usual, and you won’t even have to use that much lubricant either. It will boost your mood and if you want to get this supplement without spending a ton of money, look for dark chocolate with the highest percentage of cocoa when you go to the market. It contains a lot of L-arginine and you’ll find it easily.

Another herb that you will want to try out is ginger. They call this one the “herb of passion” and it has earned its name throughout the ages. Ginger will keep your blood flowing through your entire body, meaning your genital area will have a boost as well. Also, ginger raises your bodily temperature just a little bit, as if you were sexually excited, which then in turn signals your brain that you are ready for procreation.

The last one we are going to look at is tribulus terrestris. This plant grows in the Mediterranean and it has been used in a lot of practices over the centuries. However, as of the last few hundred years, its leaves, fruit and roots have started to be used as s****l stimulants. This is because when ingested, tribulus terrestris helps you achieve arousal and vaginal lubrication, but it also helps raise your pain threshold during s*x.

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So, there you have it. Any of these plants and supplements will help you with your desired result, but you have to be brave enough to use them and exploit their full potential. You can find all of these things in your typical local health food store, a nearby supplement store or any large supermarket. If all else fails, each and every one of these s*x-boosting supplements can be found on the internet, of course! Just get it delivered to your house and there will be no need to be shy about it. Everyone has their own preferences, so make up your own and enjoy the items on this list. You deserve it!

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