5 Potentially Toxic Leftovers that Could Harm Your Health

Anyone who has ever connected to the world wide web is aware about the health benefits of fresh, whole foods and the dangers of over-processed junk food, and i’d like to think we’re all doing our best to stay on the right course and avoid ingesting empty calories and harmful toxins.


However, there is a little, seemingly unimportant and very common eating habit that’s negatively affecting our health without our knowledge – and it’s linked to the leftovers.

Eating the leftovers of a previous meal is a time-efficient way to satisfy your hunger without having to cook. Simply by pressing a button on the microwave, you can turn the cold, flavorless leftovers into a decent hot meal that’s ready for consumption. Also, you get bonus points for not throwing away what seems to be perfectly good food. But is it, really?

You might think that the leftovers from your last meal are exactly the same food you ate a few hours ago, but that is hardly the truth. No matter how thoroughly you cook your food, there are a lot of processes on the microscopic level going on inside it from the very moment you finish the meal and store the leftovers, including the conversion of healthy nutrients into toxins and the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

First of all, you should always strive to cook as much food as you’re planning to eat. Sometimes it’s even better to make a bit less than a bit more – in the long term, this could help you lose some weight by preventing overeating (unless you open the fridge and eat half a cake after the meal, of course). And in the case of leftovers, the basic rule is to make sure you store them properly in the fridge or freezer and avoid reheating the same food more than once. In general, this should keep you safe.

However, a few popular foods are an exception from this rule because consuming them reheated could make you very sick. Read the rest of this article to find out which foods should be eaten in one sitting and why.


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