10 Reasons The Gym is Better Than a Girlfriend

Ah, the gym, that glorious place where people forge iron physiques and leaves them with great memories of hard work and camaraderie. It’s a place where people go to transform into a stronger, more muscular and overall better version of themselves. Some people are so addicted to training that they often get depressed or anxious if they are somehow unable to go for a week, whether it’s because of injury, or business trip or simply a deload week.

What so many people fail to understand that training is one of the best therapies. It brings you mental focus, keeps your passion and drive filled with fire and teaches you discipline and strong work ethic. People who haven’t spent a single day in the gym and ever gotten the spectacular feeling of power that lifting  big weights brings are often puzzled as to why some people do it and wonder how those same people don’t ever get bored of it. Oh, and by the way, in many cases the gym might be even better than any girlfriend, regardless of how “perfect” you consider her to be.

1. The gym will never lie to you

As any guy already knows, women sometimes tend to be compulsive liars. They can lie to your face if they want to get something they want and won’t even feel guilty about it. The gym, on the other hand, will always tell you the truth, it will not lie to you ever. If you’re getting stronger you’ll be able to lift heavier weight and if you’re getting weaker you won’t be able to lift as much. In the gym, you will always get the real deal and you’ll be shown exactly what your situation is.

2. The gym won’t leave you

What you will experience or probably have already experienced at some point in your life is your girlfriend leaving you. No matter how hard it might have seemed to you at the moment it was actually a blessing in disguise. The gym will never do that to you, it will always be there, and the weights will always be ready for action, unlike your girlfriend. Girlfriends are temporary but 200 pounds will always be 200 pounds.

3. The gym will not annoy you

Lots of girls have lots of bad habits and can be extremely annoying. The gym will be a safe haven from this annoyance and will put you in a good mood no matter how bad the workout was. You’ll never get annoyed at the bench press or the squat rack. It is truly a wonderful relationship between the gym and you which if you choose can last a lifetime.


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4. The gym will cost you less money and in a way give you more pleasure

You might think that a gym membership is expensive, but you can bet that it will never be more expensive than having a girlfriend. A relationship entails going to dinners, buying gifts, going on expensive trips and all the usual stuff people in relationship regularly do. The pleasure you get from training it the gym is 100 times worth more than the gym membership you’re paying for. The hard work and effort that you put in the gym and the pleasure and satisfaction you’ll get from it will always surpass the pleasure you get from putting all the effort to make the relationship work.

5. Of course, the gym will make you more attractive

Has any of your girlfriends ever made you look better? The answer is straight up: no. The gym can actually transform your physique into that of a Greek god, with ideal proportions, a statue to marvel at. In the majority of cases, girls might actually contribute to you looking less like a man since they’re constantly eating all kinds of junk food and candy and offering you the same garbage.


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