10 Reasons The Gym is Better Than a Girlfriend

6. You can always start smashing weights in the gym

The gym will always be there for you to smash some weights and give yourself a nice physical and mental cleansing session. It will always be ready for action, your girlfriend most certainly won’t.

7. It will make you feel a lot better

It’s a well-known scientific fact that training releases “feel-good” chemicals in your body. Everyone leaves the gym energetic and reinvigorated unless of course he/she was already ill and had no place going to the gym. The truth is that no matter what your girlfriend says to you or whatever she does can never produce the feeling that comes from when you have just finished a brutal leg workout.

Regardless of what she does or what kind of gift she gives you it’ll never even get close to the spectacular feeling of pushing your body to its absolute limits. By the way, the gym will never annoy you on how you never listened to her or responded to her needs. Every time you walk into the gym it’ll never have any needs of its own. It will always be there like a God-given gift that will allow you to feel like a man and use it as a tool for both physical and mental improvement. It’ll never disrespect you or be mean to you, the way lots of girlfriends treat their boyfriends.

8. The gym won’t cheat on you, ever

No matter the gym that you walk into, it will never cheat on you. With some girls, you won’t even have to worry about it but there is always the risk that “someone better” than you might come along. Some girls can leave you in an instant if a better looking or richer prospect shows up. The gym will never do this to you.

9. The gym will never flake on you

If you’ve got a date with the weights you can be 100% sure that they will be in the gym waiting for you. They’ll never flake on you, the way the majority of girls in today’s modern society usually do. If you’ve got a workout session planned, you can be pretty sure that no one can stop you from getting there but you.

10. Going to the gym will make you stronger

A girl cannot make you strong, but a gym can. No matter what your girlfriend tries she’ll never be able to match the gym. However, she can make you much weaker by taking up of your valuable time.

Not a single girl can even come close to the gym. You might want to remember that next time a girl breaks up with you. You have the gym, you won’t need the girl, no matter how hard it might feel.

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