Behold the 10 Strongest Bodybuilders of All Time

  1. Franco Columbu

franco columbu chest workout

The now late Franco Columbu is one of the greatest and without a doubt most influential bodybuilders of all time. At his prime, he was widely known as being the strongest bodybuilder of his generation, even though he was only 5’5. At his height, people underestimated him and were often blown away by the feats of strength he was continuously able to achieve.

Because his career was flourishing mainly in the 60s and 70s his lift records can be a bit tricky to verify. It is widely reported however that he was able to hit a 665lb squat, 740lb deadlift, 525lb bench press, and 400lb clean and jerk. In strongman contests, he was also able to bend steel bars. That is why he is considered to be the most legendary and strongest bodybuilder to have ever lived.

  1. Casey Viator

Casey Viator achieved his greatest success as a bodybuilder in his teenage years. In 1971, when he was only 19, he managed to win the Mr. America title.  This is why he is considered to be one of the greatest teen bodybuilders ever.

Even though he competed only sporadically after this victory, he did not stop training. In the years to come, he managed to hit some pretty impressive records. The hard work paid off. Some of his best performances seem to have been his full-body workout consisting of 505lb squat done for 14 reps, 215lb behind-the-neck shoulder press for 20 reps, 200lb barbell curl for 20 reps, 400lb barbell curls for 30 reps and 100lb dips for 20 reps and.

  1. Ben White

Ben White started his career as a powerlifter and then decided to transition into bodybuilding starting in 2007. He first won the USA Championships, and he proceeded to have a pretty modest career. However, his background in powerlifting gave him a huge advantage in that he possessed an extremely strong frame.

Ben White is widely known for his ability to lift a weight for an absurd number of reps. In one of his greatest feats, he managed to bench press 100lb dumbbells for 50 reps. Additionally, he managed to hit a 710lb raw deadlift. Although he may not be the most impressive entry on this list, he is still one of the strongest bodybuilders out there.


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