Behold the 10 Strongest Bodybuilders of All Time

  1. Tom Platz

Tom Platz, also known as the “Quadzilla” is a legend in the history of bodybuilding. He succeeded in winning the Mr. Universe title in 1980. He also competed in many Mr. Olympia contests, reaching as high as 3rd place in 1981.

In regards to his strength feats, he does make some very bold claims. Even though it should be noted that it’s difficult to verify some of his records. Nonetheless, it’s been reported that he has squatted 635lbs for 14 reps, and 300lb for unbelievable 50 reps. What’s more, he has been able to repeatedly squat for more than 10 minutes, for over 100 reps. Tom’s ability to squat is unmatched by any other bodybuilder.

  1. Eddie Robinson

After he won the USA Championships in 1989, at the time Robinson was considered to become one of the most promising bodybuilders. However, it was not meant to be. He would retire young, at the age of 34, never quite achieving the success many envisioned. Nonetheless, he was still able to maintain his incredible level of physical conditioning.

The things that made him earn a place on our list, are the numbers he managed to hit during his days of powerlifting. Even though some the numbers may seem a bit fantastical and hard to achieve, he was undoubtedly a very strong man, a fact that a lot of eyewitnesses have confirmed. For example, he managed to bench around 530lbs, wearing just a t-shirt. With his awesome physique and strength, he took the best from both worlds.

  1. Johnnie Jackson

Jackson has achieved massive success, both as a powerlifter and a bodybuilder. He was a winner of the Toronto Pro, as well as the Arnold Classic South Africa. In his powerlifting days, he managed to set a deadlift world record in the 220lb division, hitting 814lb.

The thing that set Jackson apart from other bodybuilders was one specific achievement. He managed to do 10 reps of side lateral raises with 100lb dumbbells. Additionally, he has achieved a competition total of 2,127 at one point in his career.


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