21 Secrets Girls Who Squat Heavy Won’t Tell You, #19 too true!


7. And we actually prefer sweet potato chips to regular.



No, honestly.


8. But we still count down to cheat day the way we used to count down to Christmas.




9. We look back on our cardio bunny days the way you look at Facebook photos from 2007.



What were you thinking?!


10. We schedule our week around Leg Day.



There will be no twerking the night after Leg Day. Or driving with clutch control. Or walking up stairs.


11. Our phones look like this in the morning.




12. We get up at an unholy time and torture our bodies for an hour at the gym…



…yet somehow still rock up to work with more energy than your previous lie-in and bucket of triple-shot latte ever gave you.


13. We have a smoking-hot bod but nobody to see it.



A gym rat’s lifestyle: not conducive to romance


14. We turn down a night at the pub for a hot date…



…with our trainer at 6am.

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