5 Signs That Your Gym Sucks, #4 Is Seriously Ridiculous


  1. Way too much emphasis on décor


Fancy lighting, edge-cutting furniture, impressive lounge that’s bigger than the actual room with equipment… nope, this gym wasn’t meant for people to really work out there. It’s a place to flaunt branded gym wear and help you suppress the guilt you’re feeling for eating a ton of junk food yesterday without having to put any real effort.


  1. Royal treatment


A real gym is not supposed to be classy and make you feel relaxed, cozy and comfortable. You’re going there to sweat like a race horse, destroy as much muscle tissue as you can and make the most painful-to-look-at faces possible as you try to force your body into surrendering its last drop of strength to your training goal of the day. If the gym offers lavender-scented towels to its members – run in the opposite direction.


  1. Provides unhealthy food


In case you didn’t know, some money-hungry gyms these days are equipped with more than water dispensers. In fact, they are selling pizza and candy to their members. This is not only an insult to people trying to get rid of unhealthy eating habits and are in the process of learning how to take better care of their bodies (hence the gym membership!), it’s an indicator of sheer hypocrisy that informs you right away that the particular establishment doesn’t care about you and your goals at all.

Even though your personal goals and preferences are all that matters in the end, if your vision of the perfect gym revolves around getting the best workout possible, make sure to follow the advice listed above when choosing your temple of fitness in order to get the experience you deserve.


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