Body Builder Lost Fight with Cancer Due to 10, 000-calories-a-day Diet

We constantly see trainers and body builders with lean and perfectly shaped muscles and we often wonder what is the secret and how do they do it. Well one of them, Dean Wharmby, consumed 10, 000 calories a day and up to 8 energy drinks in order to become as big as possible. Yet, this ended tragically for him since he lost his battle with liver cancer.

What Happened After the Diagnosis?

Dean Wharmby’s life was counted in weeks by the doctors. He admitted that at the beginning of his career he was taking s******s since he said ,,everybody did it”. He also ate a lot of high-calorie junk food such as pizzas and burgers, so that he could build up his weight.


Yet, once he was diagnosed with liver cancer he changed his diet completely. His meals included mostly vitamins and natural remedies, instead of sugar and red meet full with impurities. He decided not to be treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

He was aware that his high-protein and high-fat diet might have led to this fatal condition. He did not give up though. He fought the disease and cut off everything fatty and high in calories. He also stopped consuming energy drinks, although he was not sure those were the main reason for his illness. However, he knew they would only harm more.

bodybuilder_liver_cancer1After his death, his partner, Charlotte Rigby, said that he did not show how hard his battle was even in the darkest days and he fought until his last minute.

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