Body Builder Lost Fight with Cancer Due to 10, 000-calories-a-day Diet

How Should We Eat Properly and Healthy for a Fit Body?

Dean Wharmby’s case should speak about how important right nutrition is, especially if you are an athlete of any kind.

Eat Clean

Your meals should never include refined sugars and fatty foods. Eat more whole food, unprocessed and high in proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Fats can make you fit and healthy

You should be aware that not all fats are bad for your body. There are also fats that are healthy for your organism. Good fats, or omega-3 fatty acids, can be found in black olives, fatty fish, nuts, avocados, seeds, coconut oil etc. These are necessary for your organism to be able to process the proteins that enter your body, to improve your metabolism and to balance your hormones. What’s the best part about healthy fats is that they lower your food cravings, so you do not feel the need for unhealthy snacks between the meals.

Eat healthy carbohydrates

If you feel the need for something sweet, reach for fruits and vegetables instead of cookies and white bread. Moreover, if you need some more energy from carbs, switch baked potatoes for sweet potatoes.

Eat proteins with every meal

Try to include some kind of proteins in every one of your meals. You can find them in eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken and many other foods. They make a great snack if you mix greek yogurt with some berries and nuts. Or you can also make a salad with greens, cottage cheese, and some chicken.

Eat less and more frequent

Try to make your meals smaller and eat 5-6 meals a day. Try dividing your meals in breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks in between. In that way you will keep your metabolism working all the time, so your body will spend more energy, or calories. Moreover, you will have normal levels of blood sugar and you will feel energized. Moreover, if you keep to the schedule, you will prevent overeating.

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