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Pavel Ladziak The Polish Viking, A 36 Year Old Trying to Look Twice His Age and in Top Shape

How old do you think this guy is ? If your answer is that he is in his 60s (or even 70s) you are wrong. The majority of people would spend a fortune just to look younger and defy age, but not the Instagram famous Pavel Ladziak. This 36 year old fitness fanatic did a real “boom” on Instagram with his silver-haired/silver-bearded hard-bodied appearance.

And by the looks of his Instagram account (@pavel_ladziak) with 375K followers it seems that the jacked older man strategy is working for Pavel. It would seem that Pavel Ladziak’s hair started going grey at a relatively early age and, not very happy with the “George Clooney” look, he decided that he would speed up the whole process and dye it all white. The decision appears to have paid off.


To continue to promote this misconception, Pavel Ladziak reportedly spends a considerable amount of money on hair dye products (even though during the last month or two it seems he stopped dying his hair and beard), despite his young and jacked physique. People often mistake him for Gianluca Vacchi, the Italian businessman who found fame last year after being dubbed a fit older man. Vacchi, though, is considerably older than Ladziak.


Perhaps you’d do the same if that came with close to 400K Instagram followers. “I still can remember where I started and where I am now. I’ll never surrender because I don’t want go back! Let’s stick together team and make a deal: I motivate you and you motivate me!”  – he says.

Update: A few years forward it seems that whatever Pavel Ladziak (now about 40 y.o.) is doing is working for him as he currently has more than 450K followers on Instagram and probably earning good from his page.

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