See why Diana Moric is Vladimir Putin’s favorite female martial artist

Serbian Instagram sensation Diana Moric gained her fame after she retired following an accident. Vladimir Putin’s favorite female martial artist who had to give up competing due to an injury has gained social media popularity as fitness instructor by sharing daily updates about her life.

30 year old Diana Moric has become a social media sensation since the Kremlin leader’s admission, and thanks to her very sexy fitness instruction channel.


The former martial artist now has a following of over 570,000 fans who want to learn the fitness guru’s secrets to eating healthy and exercising efficiently.

Diana posts videos and pictures on a daily basis on Instagram, showing exercises she uses to maintain a perfectly toned body. Before becoming a fitness guru, Moric was a state champion in wrestling and judo.

According to The Daily Mail, she has received praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin for winning the world champion title in Sambo, a martial art and combat sport and, the most important, originating from the Soviet Union.


She said: “Besides judo, I competed in Sambo too. It is a martial art that comes from Russia, a major promoter of which is the Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

“On one occasion at a competition, he personally awarded me the medal and congratulated me.”

In 2015 Diana suffered a knee injury which has forced her to training martial arts. This, however proved to be a turn to success for the blonde, as she began posting on Instagram, and started compiling and selling her fitness programs.


Photo credit : Instagram Diana Moric

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