Dorian Yates Credits Intermittent Fasting For His Current Shape at 61

Dorian Yates established a formidable reputation through his remarkable muscular mass, size, and definition, earning him accolades for having one of the most remarkable back developments in the history of the Men’s Open division.

He played a pioneering role in promoting the sport in the United Kingdom and emerged as the most prominent bodybuilding superstar from the region.

His triumph at the 1992 Mr. Olympia marked the beginning of an unrivaled era, as he went on to claim six consecutive Sandow trophies, solidifying his status as a dominant force in the field.

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To sculpt his massive physique Yates adopted the high-intensity training methods pioneered by Mike Mentzer and Arthur Jones.

Departing from the traditional approach of fixed sets and reps, he pushed himself to the brink of failure in each training session. This unique approach, focusing on intensity rather than prescribed numbers, became an integral part of his training regimen.

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Throughout the years of intense training and competing, Yates picked up a few injuries that eventually have pushed him out of the professional sport. However, he is still active and maintains an incredible physique, even at 60+ years old.

Dorian Yates intermittent fasting approach

Dorian Yates recently posted on Instagram to reveal the diet plan he adheres to in order to maintain a shredded physique at the age of 61. To everyone’s surprise, his diet these days is quite the opposed of what he used to do back in the day. In fact instead of 5-6 meals throughout the day, Dorian now utilizes intermittent fasting to keep his body in shape.

This is what he says in his post :

“Intermittent fasting, quite the polar opposite approach to eating than I was used to 30 years ago when I’d be eating every two hours!” said Yates. “But for the past few years, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting.I’ve experienced numerous benefits, and have researched pretty much every approach to dieting.

“Intermittent fasting works extremely well for myself. I’m now pursuing my health goals and optimising for longevity as opposed to bodybuilding. Read my latest blog where I go into why I adopted intermittent fasting, the benefits, how you can potentially use it when trying to build muscle and more. But the best diet for health goals may not be the same as the best for trying to build maximum muscle.”


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The Intermittent fasting approach

Intermittent fasting is a scientifically supported approach to eating where a person rotates between cycles of eating (feasting) and longer cycles of refraining from food (fasting cycles).

Incorporating cycles of fasting and eating has been shown to have various benefits, including aiding in detoxification, promoting fat burning, facilitating muscle growth, and enhancing immune function.

This approach may initially appear unconventional to seasoned bodybuilders who have become accustomed to consuming multiple meals per day, adhering to the notion of “train big, eat even bigger” as the sole means of achieving significant muscle mass.

However many people have achieved great results with this way of eating.

Besides the diet, Dorian has always stressed that cardio is something he regularly does to stay in shape. here is his take on cardio : Dorian Yates on Cardio – 4 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Need Cardio Year Round

Dorian Yates’ most recent update is bound to inspire numerous fans to consider intermittent fasting as a means to improve their fitness journey.

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