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What Does a 20,000 Calorie Daily Menu Look Like? Eddie Hall Will Show You

Eddie Hall holds the title “World’s Strongest Man” for year 2017. However, despite being incredibly strong, he is also known for the amount of food he used to eat on a daily basis.

To maintain his incredible strength and impressive physical fitness, Eddie consumes over 10,000 calories a day, every day. His breakfast contains at least 10 eggs, and sometimes he eats more than 10. In addition to the incredibly caloric breakfast, Eddie has 6 more high-calorie meals, and consumes almost a kilogram (2.2 lbs) of meat a day, mostly beef.

Eating such high amounts of calories is an incredibly difficult, almost impossible thing thing to do, especially if you are an average human. For Hall, however, this is not a problem at all. Believe it or not, daily, he consumes a similar amount of calories as an average horse weighting 1000 lbs.

We can really see how much can Eddie actually eat, if we compare his daily calories to the calories that other professional athletes consume or used to consume. By comparison, tennis player Andy Murray consumes 3,200 calories a day, Arnold Schwarzenegger during his best years used to eat 5,000 calories, Dwayne Johnson consumes 5,000-6000 calories, and a top cyclist consumes about 8,000 calories during the “Tour de France” race.

Eddie Hall’s 20,000 calorie day

This time, Eddie wanted to test his limits and try out his old strongman diet where he used to eat 20,000 calories a day. He says he has barely succeeded in doing so and that it has been a real torture. If you want to see what 20,000 calories a day look like, and how much food does contain 20,000 calories, check out the video below:


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