4 Simple Ways To Create An Illusion and Look Bigger Instantly

Getting a muscular and ripped physique is something that can only be done by putting enough hard work in the gym, eating right and resting properly. Lots of people have tried bypassing these fundamental rules, looking for a shortcut, but in vain. We know that those of you who are leading a fit lifestyle and know there are no there are no shortcuts to success, want to get a quick pump-up to look bigger every once in a while and perk up their muscles to show their hard work. We are talking about before going on a date, hitting the beach, or for posting some photos on Facebook or Instagram.

That’s why in this article we’ll present you 4 ways or we could say optical illusions in which you can make some tweaks and make yourself look like you carry a lot more muscle mass and appear to be more shredded.

1. Get tanned

The tone of your skin is a very important factor when it comes to how people perceive you on so many levels. And muscles are not an exception. It has an enormous effect on your muscles’ appearance. The general rule is, the darker it is, the better. That’s why nowadays you see a lot of rap artists not wearing a shirt a lot more than pop or rock artists. It is indeed that easier to appear more muscular when not wearing a shirt if you have darker skin. This isn’t being racist, it’s simply a fact of nature.

Think about the last time you’ve seen some pasty white dudes looking good just by wearing knickers and shorts. It is a fact that the muscles definition lines are less noticeable when the skin in lighter. And I’m sure you’ve probably guessed by now why bodybuilders use tan before coming up on the stage to show off their muscles.

You can also do this test if you’re not convinced. Go to the nearest drug store and get yourself a sunless tanning cream. Take a photo of yourself standing in front of the mirror before putting it on and then take another photo several hours after you’ve applied it.

You will see that the arms are way more shredded, the abs got a better definition and it seems as if every muscle has popped up. Another effect you get is that the teeth will start to look a lot whiter, which is an additional advantage that those with a darker skin have when it comes to looks, and you will become more attractive overall.

2. Wear fitted clothes

This could be a bit trickier than the others so exercise precaution since it can very easily backfire on you largely depending on what your current body type is. If you have extra fat on you, this goes double for you. For a lot of dress shirts, t-shirts, and collared shirts, there is a “fitted” version that will hide certain body areas and accentuate the ones where the muscles are visible.

This may seem obvious to some and like a true discovery for others. In some stores the salespeople may not understand at first what you mean by saying “fitted” and some explanation may be in order. A nice fitted t-shirt will kind of “hug” the midsection and your arms. We are not talking about the very tight spandex, but the sleeves need to be tight enough to be comfortable on your biceps without pulling too hard and straying out.

Dress shirts are usually made fitted and can give you the benefit of looking bigger without people thinking you’re just showing off and trying to look big. If you happen to be pretty fit already, try wearing a white t-shirt since it’ll help with the illusion better.

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