Vegan Blogger Claims That Eating Eggs is More Harmful Than Smoking !?!?

The internet is full of health and fitness claims, some of which couldn’t be further from the truth. However, recently a vegan food blogger went to the extreme to claim that eating eggs is more harmful than smoking cigarettes.

In the past eggs were demonized and labeled as harmful for a person’s health because of the high fat and (low) cholesterol content. During the last decade this myth has been been debunked many times. It has been also proven that eating fat doesn’t make a person fat. In fact there are diets based on mostly eating fat where individuals lose body-fat rapidly while on them.

It’s a proven fact that eating too much of anything will make you fat, and consuming extreme quantities of some foods can even harm your health.

However the food blogger Plant Lover Barb claims that eating eggs is as much harmful as smoking cigarettes, if not more. The reason for such a claim is supposedly the cholesterol content in eggs, according to the blogger. Here’s what she says:

Yes, as we mentioned before, eggs do contain a certain amount of cholesterol, but to say that this amount will harm your health is just ridiculous. Eating eggs can raise the cholesterol in some individuals a bit, but it has been proven that in healthy individuals, and especially those that have regular physical activity, eating whole eggs will not have a negative impact.

Is cholesterol in eggs really dangerous ?

If you are already a healthy individual, not suffering from heard related issues already, then eating eggs will certainly not impact your health.

A study conducted at the University of Connecticut discovered that eating eggs does not seem to increase the chances of suffering from heart disease in relatively healthy individuals. Even when the blood cholesterol levels are slightly elevated.

A moderate consumption of whole eggs (1-3 eggs a day) is safe for virtually everyone, experts say.

Even if there was a certain risk (which experts say there is not), would that risk be still comparable to the risk of smoking ? Would you compare eating eggs to smoking if you know that millions of people are admitted to hospitals annually, for health problems related to smoking ?

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